What to do when your motivation is at​ a low point…

These past three weeks have been really hectic. Between having the flu job interviews, going outside of London for a while to dog-sit and cat-sit for a friend, concerts, personal commitments, studying and reading a couple of books…I believe I burned out.

I am actually not only physically exhausted but mentally and emotionally exhausted. I have been studying for 2 certificates to improve my chances of changing career, Digital marketing and Excel and also currently studying basic maths and psychometrics test exercises since a couple of job interviews that I have been going are requiring me to do a test before/during the interview process…

All of this studying takes the cake in my motivation because I might be studying for interviews that I might never have. I have been shortlisted but not yet a second interview. Part of me starts thinking of what’s the point, the other part actually enjoys studying and learning new things and that all knowledge is power. I might use these skills later on in life regardless.


Several thoughts are running through my mind of why I have not still changed careers, why is it taking me so long, and that Christmas is coming and I need to get out of my industry and find the perfect company asap.

When you are burned out, that is what happens. All scary thoughts run through your mind and your deepest insecurities and fears come afloat.

How am I getting my shit together?

I am taking a break…for one day or two…

Taking a break from responsibilities and working hard to rebuild myself.

I feel guilty for taking a break, even if it just for one weekend. Part of me thinks that during this weekend I could find new jobs and learn new things to help me move forward.

However, One thing that I learned these past 3 years, in my journey to self-love, is that taking a break in all areas of your life sometimes is essential so you can process things, learn from it and come back stronger.

How am I taking a break?

  • By going to the gym. My main therapy these past 3 years. My love for fitness and healthy eating really helps me not only relax but also get rid of any stress.
  • By spending time with people that I love and care about
  • By doing my nails in pretty colours and have outfits to match it
  • By having a full on beauty spa day with all that I deserve. thank you Body Shop
  • By dancing and listening to music. Going to concerts and discovering new artists does something to my mind and body that I cannot explain…It is in broad terms like I am finding myself with every new piece of good music, the pleasure that I get from it is like no other…
  • By reading good books, by People of colour, that you can not only relate to it but also learn and feel good about it.
  • By changing my social media to not only people that I know and are inspiring but also people that are following their dreams, that are positive and honest about it. If you need to declutter your social media and get rid of people that don’t have good vibes. This is the time.Winter is coming 😀


How do you get your shit together?

what personal tools do you use to unwind and get back on track? 


One thought on “What to do when your motivation is at​ a low point…

  1. Babe, it sounds like you’re on the right path. A break is crucial! Of course, your break sound super jam packed to me- a bath and comfort TV, coffee with my friends and a cat cuddle is my thing. If you want to borrow Ginger and Obama you still have the key 🙂


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