The flu and keep being positive

I was terribly sick with the flu this week, still feeling awful, and at the same time had a lot going on, so no much writing or thinking…

Still, every week seems like I am learning lessons. This week’s lessons were:

  1. Keep positive, keep working and the right opportunities will find you
  2. You always have things to learn from every experience, so take your time to process everything
  3. Once you have processed everything your failures will become your successes because everything that is meant to be will happen. Maybe not straight away and you will feel discouraged and you will be feeling like a failure temporarily but bigger things will be around the corner if you just be patient and keep on working…keep on working…keep on swimming
  4. Keep studying, keep observing and asking questions
  5. Hope is one the greatest’s drugs of all time, with every new opportunity you will be so full of life, that even if you don’t get it straight away, will give you strength to fight for your goals

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