What does it mean to have good music taste?

Ahhh music….More than anything Music completely governs my life. It has always been my main passion in life. Since I can remember, music has been what made me understand my feelings, put me in a better mood or comforted me when I needed the most (when friends, family and BAE are busy)

All the major points in my life I remember trough songs, lyrics, albums, that I was listening on repeat during that time.

I wrote for music blogs, websites, had my own radio jazz show at Uni and besides sharing in any social media that I could find, any new music that I found or any old school classic perfect for that day.

Very often I hear from people saying that I have a great music taste. I always cringe when I hear that. How can someone possibly have a great music taste? How arrogant and weird would be of someone, if they suddenly started saying: “Yeah I don’t approve of what you are listening, so therefore it is shit”.

Great taste in music simply doesn’t exist. 

What does exist is an unbelievable ilogical love for anything with a chord. There is this unrequited obcessive quest to find the best new sound, the best new artist, the best new music that can move to tears or happpiness even a marble soul. Finding new music and listening to an album from top to bottom, several times until I get the essence of it, are really one of the biggest gifts and pleasure that I have.

I listen to so much music daily, that for an artists name or song to stick in my mind it has to blow my mind, like the first time I heard Gallant or Sampha for the first time back in 2014.

Gallant for NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert  

Sampha (No one knows me) like the Piano

when I first heard them, it was like time stopped. Anything or anyone that I was thinking or feeling at the time, was completely erased for a couple of minutes and my main focus was the song.




Same thing happened when I first hear Love Supreme by John Coltrane. Was lying in bed with my eyes closed and I just started crying. It was a cathartic but also a happy cry. I cried heavily that hour all because of an album.

I don’t cry now everytime that I hear Love Supreme but if a new album comes out, of any genre, that touches me I might just pospone everything for a couple of minutes. until I am able to rebuild myself.


John coltrane – A Love Supreme


Music has for me the power to erase any feelings or thoughts but at the same time give me all the feelings and thoughts for a couple of minutes. One of the best pleasure feelings that I ever felt. I feel at home, warm, relaxed when I listen to a really good song or album.

However that does not mean that I have a great taste in music. My music taste is heavily conditioned by my past and present and by all the people that I met.

If someone likes what I am listenning it is simply because somehow the music touched them as well at a deeper level or it happens that they know the artist. If we both like the same album or song we just have the same music taste, similiar tastes does not equal great taste.

However, if you do listen to a lot of music daily, like I do, you will have a more objective hear about any new music, being able to diferenciate good from something just average.

Great music taste is nothing less than an unrequited ilogical love for chords.

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