Blogger writing block- 6-month​ mark

I have no idea of what to write today.

Writer’s block is a hard bastard

Yes, this is going to be a post about nothing….apologies in advance

This blog started in January as a personal project to post a new blog post every Sunday at 17h00 for a year and to conquer my fear of writing and putting my opinions out there for everyone to see it, in English…grammar mistakes, controversial topics and all…

I love the process of coming up with ideas, researching, editing, saving it on drafts, cross it, discard it, start over, share it.It’s cathartic and part of me since I can remember as me being me. Always liked to make up stories and have imaginary conversations and scnearios with the multiple Angie’s in my head.

Even just thinking about a certain topic for while makes me happy, I have been working, researching, writing and thinking about Pub and the drinking culture in the UK, since March…is just not right yet…still need more time…but I am enjoying the process until I push the publish button.

However, sometimes it is just damn hard to come up with ideas all the time…especially when life gets in the way. This week life has been especially good to me, the weather has been good. People that I love and care about were around me. More opportunities came up and even my fitness regime and eating healthy has been 100% on point ( including cake and late night trip to the local chippy). 

 I have been super busy enjoying as much as I can this rainy English Summer, with occasional touches of sunshine. Is a pluviophile dream this British Summer weather.

I also noticed in the past 6 months, something about myself, that I write more when I am shocked, upset, angry and sad about all the crazy fucked up things that happened daily in our world. Writing is a way of processing the crazy world around me so I would not go crazy since I tend to react slowly to everything, only becoming angry, upset or happy, days or even weeks after something happened, only when I had time to properly think and process it.

Spent also the whole week thinking about something original to write, that would not sound redundant and boring…all I came up with was writer’s block…because I couldn’t think of anything. 

Creative Block that makes any writer, of any kind question their own worth, their capabilities, their insecurities and place in the world. I am just a blogger. Not a writer but still battled with this sense of writing blocking shame for the past seven years and it is hard to get out of the mindset of feeling like you are shit and not The Shit. This line is a very narrow line to cross…

With the best of my abilities, I try to channel Audre Lorde and push past the doubts.


Audre Lorde– Activist, feminist, writer


Still, I write.

Haven’t failed a Sunday since I started in January.

Because I am damn stubborn and always keep my damn promises, so expect a damn blog post every damn Sunday for the next 6 months (hehehe)

Because it makes me happy

So even if I am shit, at least I am an happy smiley shit 💩 with a wonderous voracious mind and eyes.

I will continue to look for inspiration around me. So, I will continue to write 


Coffee and George Orwell’s Why I write



Do you write?

Are you a creative (of any kind)?

How do you overcome your creative blocks and push trough your insecurities and actually share your work?




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