intuition. 1 : quick and ready insight. 2a : immediate apprehension or cognition b : knowledge or conviction gained by intuition : the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference.


Intuition is one of the most difficult human behaviors to analyze, mainly because we can not pinpoint the exact origins. Nor Science or religion explain completely why it happens.

A few call The six sense. That overwhelming feeling that something is just not right. It completely attacks suddenly our thoughts, attacks us physically leaving us a bad or good feeling, deep into our stomach, that we just should or shouldn’t do a certain thing, be with someone or even take that job offer.

Our sub-conscious, and maybe past direct or indirect experiences is telling us that we are in danger and doing a mistake before our brain realizes that we are doing it.

We constantly dismiss our intuition because being irrational. We find reasons to dismiss it.The human being as a way of dismissing anything that doesn’t make sense, not ready to take it as truth.

All the insecurities come raging out like a lion telling us to ignore our intuition. All the doubts that maybe we shouldn’t take that job, or that we shouldn’t be with someone, be friends with someone, go to a party or even just walk down a street. But we do it anyway. There are no rational reasons not to. All the evidence and even everyone around us are telling us that we are making the right decision.


In my 30 years of age, I finally realize that all the misfortunes in my life, in particularly the past 3 years, was because at some point I ignored my intuition, on a personal level and on a professional level.

I ignored it because I was too afraid to sound crazy, insecure or that I would miss an opportunity since all the facts and people around me were telling me that I should take it, but something deep into my core , was telling me not to. My heart was telling me to run away as fast as I could from a situation or person, but my rational and extreme overthinking ( that also leads to my insomnia) was telling me to dismiss it.

I know now that I should trust 100% my gut feeling. That I prefer to trust it and fail, to not trust it at all.

When dealing with intuition we can always just trust it blindly and trust that feeling but it’s also essential to analyze and dig deep into our feelings, as to why we are having that feeling and be honest with ourselves about our fears and insecurities, so we would not confuse the two.

When I decided to move to England in 2006, I was incredibly scared to move to another country, where I could barely speak the language and to do Journalism, a degree where I had to write and speak well the English language…that I still struggle with… I was scared also to leave my house since I never previously thought about moving away, never met an English person and had no previous interest in the country. The decision to move to another country was taken on an impulse, because of a suggestion, as a joke really, from a colleague.  However, even though I was scared and full of doubts, my intuition was telling me that I was about to take the best decision of my life and that I was going to be fine and enjoy every day. So I took a Gap year to prepare myself financially, mentally and with as much info as possible and to move to a country that I have never even been to visit.

Recently for example in getting a job offer, before I accept it i researched like a mad woman not only the company, but also everyone that works there, “stalking” them anywhere that I could (thank you Google), and I also researched on the job role and what my day to day responsibilities would be and if that would match my personality.

I decided to validate my feelings because I didn’t like the tone on a couple of emails that I got from 2 ladies that I spoke with in person about the job offer and their tone and presence on their website and social media. Although it looked like a great fast growing company, full of possibilities, I knew that my personality wouldn’t match it with theirs.Something was off about the company and the people that work there.

Moral of these two examples, trust your intuition and be honest with yourself first.

I am learning how to do the same with relationships at work and personal.

What examples do you have about your intuition?


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