Goal for 2017

One of the most important goals that I have for 2017 ( I have many) is to write more.

Not only write more but write consistently. I have another Portuguese blog angielopes , where i write about afro hair, living and studying in the Uk and beauty and lifestyle questions.

I created that website in 2008, in Portuguese, because i have noticed a gap in the market for bloggers that would write about afro hair and beauty in Portuguese. At the time the natural hair movement was starting to grow but i could not find almost any Portuguese information about it. It was all in English or Spanish.

That was a good decision having now more than 270,000 views and a steady 2000 to 3000 readers a month.  However, I have to admit that this views could have been greater if I would have remained more consistent throughout the years.I  always saw that blog as a hobby, where I would post occasionally about my discoveries on the natural hair and life. Now I realised how writing makes me feel good, how it is a way of me expressing myself.

There are a lot of doubts every time I open a new blank post. fears that nobody will read it, fear that I would make more than the usual amount of grammar mistakes ( any bilingual writers know the pain)

This year I plan to write consistently on both blogs to at least a post a week each.


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